What a day!

Two days ago Cube Tutor was being used sporadically by myself and 3 friends.  A promo video, a tweet and a blog post later and we are quickly approaching 100 cubes!  The support and feedback that I’ve been given has been phenomenal so thanks to every person who has so far put their thoughts down in a tweet, email or forum post.  Sorry that I haven’t been able to reply to them all individually but they have all been noted.

To say I’m a little overwhelmed would be an understatement.  The only way I can realistically manage all of the changes and feature requests I’ve been given is to prioritize them based on how frequently they are mentioned.  To that end I’m currently working on the following:

1.  Add Dragons Maze, Planechase and Un- sets.  By far the most requested feature.  This is taking a little longer than anticipated because I can no longer download the database, patch it locally and reupload it.  I’m having to develop another technique to avoid the downtime and it’s taking a little time.  Please bear with me.

2. Cube Index on it’s own page.  The cube list no longer fits on the screen so this needs it’s own page.  Should be a quickie.

3. Delete my cube.  A number of people have requested that they clear everything and start again.

4. Custom categorisation.  A lot of people have asked to be able to classify cards differently for the purpose of analysis.  For example Tundra is an Azorius card, Sarcomancy is a creature.

5. Sort out that damn OK button on the Edit Cube page!  I will be changing the way this page works so as as soon as you change the value of any of the fields, it is automatically saved.  No need to hit that OK button.

If you’ve asked for something else, I will have it noted down.  I will communicate the next set of priorities soon so please bear with me.  I do have a full time job, girlfriend, cat, house and social life that require my attention but I will be doing my very best to make this site as awesome as it can be with the rest of my time 🙂

Happy cubing!

One thought on “What a day!

  1. dann14 says:

    Nice turn around on a few of these features. Totally understand having a life and also wanting to build out this project. For me specifically, take your time, you are off to a great start.

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