First off thanks again for the absolute outpour of support and feedback that I’ve received in the 2 days that the site has been live.  Every word of encouragement and every bug report means a lot, so thanks!

The first 2 releases went out without incident, but before tackling numbers 4 and 5 on my list below, I need to take a tangent to look at Exceptions.

Exceptions are circumstances that the application has not been built to cater for.  They can be a result of an unexpected user action, a quirk in a particular browser/OS combination or as a result of a level of concurrency that the application just can’t handle.

Whatever their cause Cube Tutor has seen around 500 exceptions in the last 2 days.  They typically manifest themselves as the Something Went Wrong screen.  I believe that I’ve solved around 200 of these exceptions in the first two releases but there are still a lot of them!

There is a concept in development ‘Don’t live with broken windows’.  If I can reduce this exception count to near enough 0, its going to give everyone out there a better experience and also means that when I do release a shiny new feature that I can see a lot easier if there are any problems with it.

So this will be by immediate focus for the site.  I have very grand plans for new features so keep your ideas coming and watch this space!

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