Next Feature Release: ‘Upheaval’

I put out a small bugfix release this morning.  It should reduce my exception count by around 45%, still lots to do in that regard but the picture is looking brighter.  I’ve decided to set the scope for my next feature release and aptly named it ‘Upheaval’.  I expect this release to take a few days, maybe a week to complete and it will deliver:

1. Multiple copies of one card will be properly supported.  Cube Tutor was never really built with this in mind (based on the use cases I had at the time).  At the moment drafting breaks and editing your cube breaks if you have more than one copy of a single card.  I’m looking to properly support multiple copies.

2. Multi cube support.  Your account can be associated with more than one cube.

3. Custom categorisation.  The ability to tell Cube Tutor how to categorise you cards.  Tundra is a UW guild card (not a land).  Sarcomancy is a creature (not an enchantment).

4.  Improved UI on Edit Cube page.  No more having to press that OK button for each change. 

Keep those feature requests coming in and I will prioritise them for my next feature release.

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