Released: Upheaval 1.0

After a not-so-smooth release, it’s here! (at least for the most part)

I’m calling this release Upheaval 1.0 because it delivers everything except custom categorisation.  I felt that I’d made a significant number of changes and wanted to get them out there in the wild and tested before adding anything else.

New Features:

– Rewrote the Edit Cube from the ground up.  It now has paging, sorting and onChange submission (with a nice little ‘Saving..’ popup whenever you make a change).  So no more clicking that OK button.  I’ve had to remove the tag list for the time being.  I’m thinking of reworking the concept of tagging a little bit.  Filtering coming soon…

– Multiple copies of cards are now properly supported.  This means no more disappearing cards on the Edit Cube page, full draft functionality and draft analysis.

– You can now add additional cubes to your account through My Account.  When you have multiple cubes you’ll see a drop down under the ‘My Cube’ menu item.

Bug Fixes:

– Pacts, Suspend Cards and Split cards are now properly categorised into the correct colour & CMC sections.

– Bulk Upload button is now visible for re-uploading.

Technical Changes:

– Fixed broken YUICompressor that was causing a lot of unecessary exceptions.

– Upgraded Tapestry to 5.3.6

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