Released: Upheaval 2.0

Before reading anything else, please clear your browser cache!  There were a lot of CSS changes in this release and things won’t look right if you have the old version:

New Features

– Advanced Search/Filtering feature on the edit cube page.  You can combine any number of search criteria to filter your cube list.

– Custom overrides of colour profile, super type and converted mana cost.  So you can tell Cube Tutor that Tundra is an Azorius card and it will be treated as such on the View Cube page, when draft bots pick it, on the analysis page, filtering on the edit cube page and ordering of suggested replacement cards.

– All sections are now numbered on the View Cube Page.

– View List and Edit List pages are separated when logged in.

Bug Fixes

– Should get less “something went wrong errors” on the draft page.

– Fixed an edge case where it was possible for two threads to share a DB connection under high load.

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