Next Feature Release: ‘Harmonize’

The past few days have seen several minor bugfix releases and Cube Tutor is now in a fantastic position with only a small number of errors (the ‘Something Went Wrong’ page) recorded each day.  Of course there are still many optimisations and improvements to be made and I really appreciate the response and support that the community has given.  Please continue to send in your ideas so that together we can shape Cube Tutor and make it as awesome as it can be.

Now that Upheaval is complete it’s time to define the scope of my next feature release, the ‘Harmonize’ Release.

1. Dedicated Home Page.  I want to make the home page (and the site generally) feel more alive.  This means aggregated news, on site activity and dev updates in one place.  This will also free up some space on the Blog page for more cube specific content.

2. Deck Building.  The ‘end of draft’ experience requires much improvement.  At a minimum I will be introducing deck building and perhaps also the ability to export and share the draft in various formats.

At the same time I will be continuing to listen to your feedback, making small improvements and optimisations where ever I can so please keep your tweets and emails coming in.

One thought on “Next Feature Release: ‘Harmonize’

  1. MrMattHarper says:

    Post draft deck building would be a sweet feature, but I think it would be more valuable to see your cards sorted by CMC, possibly split between creatures or non-creatures while you are drafting. Right now it’s hard to track where the holes in your curve are while you are drafting, and where my Cube might need to add more cards of specific CMCs.

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