Harmonize 2.0 – Deck Building!

So here it is, one of the most requested features that I’ve had for Cube Tutor, deck building!  This was probably the largest undertaking in terms of development effort that I have completed on the site since launch.  As ever I’ve only had time for limited testing so I would appreciate quick feedback of any issues that you encounter.  To summarise

– If you are logged in you will now be redirected to a Deck Building page once your draft is complete.

– You can move cards from your sideboard to your deck, sort them by colour and converted mana cost and add some basic lands.

– Once you are happy with the deck you can give it a title and description then save it.

– You, or anyone else can share the deck using the link or via Twitter. Facebook coming soon.

– You can see your decks under ‘My Drafts’ in My Account.

– Here is the first deck to be built! http://www.cubetutor.com/draftdeck/1

Bug Fixes & Minor Updates

– Fixed an ordering bug on the View Cube page and Visual Spoiler page (as reported by wtwlf123) where some cards were not in the right place.

– Fixed card images for all of the remaining cards with non standard characters (Dandan, Juzam Djinn…)

– Session Expiry now redirects you to the home page rather than my cube blog.

– Improved detection of Pauper and Peasant Cubes.  Still some issues with cards like Triskelion and Savannah Lions to address.

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