Released: Harmonize 2.1

Time for a bugfix update.

Bug Fixes

–  Added a bunch of missing sets including Champs, Super Series, WPN and many others.

– If the card set was changed after modifying the colour profile on the Edit List page, the colour profile was reverted.

– ‘Land Creature’ super type now saves properly on the Edit List page.  Previously this was saving as Artifact Creature.

– Improved ordering of the multi colour section on Visual Spoiler page.  This now orders in a similar fashion to the View Cube page.

– Coloured Artifact Creatures weren’t appearing in the correct place on the View Cube page.

– Fixed a bug where draft pick order data was being reset after changing the set of the card.  In order to mitigate the loss of data I have modified the pick ordering algorithm a little so that it uses the ratio of pickCount to passCount meaning new cards that have been picked once or twice but not passed will shoot up the pick order.  This has the added benefit that new cards which are only passed (not picked very often) do not rank as highly as they used to.

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