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Remember Me?

This has been THE single most requested feature that I have had for Cube Tutor.  Persistent Login.  You can now click ‘Remember Me’ when logging in and you will not have to enter your user name and password again until you logout or use another computer or device.  Some notes:

– The session duration has been increased to 90 minutes.  This means that if you leave the site idle for more than 90 minutes, you will be silently logged back in on your next request (if you choose to use Remember Me).  Therefore if you leave a draft half complete and don’t return within this time you will not be able to complete it.

– By using the Remember Me functionality you are consenting to allow Cube Tutor to store a cookie on your computer.

– You can only be remembered on one browser on one computer for the sake of security.  If you select ‘Remember Me’ on a second computer or device, your first computer or device will no longer be remembered.

– As ever I’ve only had time for limited testing.  This is a significant change and I need to know about any problems as soon as possible.  Please get in touch here:



Deep Analysis 1.0 Release

Time for the first release under the banner of Deep Analysis!  This contains some of the first updates to the Analysis page.  As ever please let me know what you think of these changes and in particular how I can improve the Analysis page further.

New Features

– A filter has been added to the Analysis page.  This allows you to see “The Most Drafted two-drop white creatures”, “The rarity split for Slivers” etc

– Rarity, Super Type and Guild Curve charts added to the Analysis page.

– Cube Index is now sortable by Oldest cube, Alphabetical by User name and by Activity.  A cube is considered ‘more active’ if it has been updated and drafted frequently and recently.

– The Deck page now has the full cube menu so you can get to the blog, list, analysis etc straight from the deck page.

Bug Fixes

– Hitting Enter after typing your password on the Login page logs you in!

– Adding multiple cards directly on the Edit List page should now be quicker and easier.  Each time you add a new card it will clear the text field and set focus there allowing you to type the next one straight away.

– The Edit List page no longer makes two Ajax requests when updating a card.  This should make it more resilient and reduce the occurence of the ‘Save but no update’ bug.

– Cube Updates in the Activity Feed are now gramatically correct!

– Added the missing card ‘Ow’ from Unglued.


– The Edit List page now has a maximum of 100 cards per page.  Performance degrades too heavily beyond that.  I will be looking to resolve this and reintroduce the higher cap soon.

Average Cube Lists

Just a quick note to say that you can now access ‘Average Cube’ lists through the Cube Index.  These are available at 360, 450 and 720 card levels for Normal, Peasant and Pauper cubes.  The lists are generated using the most popular cards as selected by Cube Tutor users for their own cubes.  They are singleton cubes so you won’t be able to influence them by creating a list with 500 copies of Steamflogger Boss!  The lists will be updated regularly.

Found a bug?

Just a quick note to implore you all to get in touch with me directly (through email or twitter) if you encounter any bugs.  If you don’t tell me about it then chances are that I don’t know about it.  Over the last couple of days it has been the feedback from this community that has helped me recognise and resolve some issues on the Edit List page that I may not have found otherwise.

I’m really keen to keep introducing new features to Cube Tutor but only have limited time to test things so inevitably small issues will creep in.  I strive to make myself as accessible as possible and to dedicate time to listen to all of your bug reports and feature requests.  So if you’ve got an idea for a new feature, or something isn’t working quite right then please tell me:

Harmonize 3.1

Quick update with a few small new features and some bug fixes.

New Features

– You can now export your cube list to .txt or .csv through My Account.  I recommend keeping a regular backup.  More formats to come soon!

– You can now add a profile picture for your cube on the blog page.  Check out mine here:

– Deck page now has a link to draft the cube and see the card list.

Bug Fixes

– Fixed “This deck has less than 45 cards” message on the Draft Deck page when drafting with a pack size less than 15.

– Fixed an error when filtering by power, toughness or cmc without providing an operator.

– Added some missing Collectors Edition and WMCQ cards.

Harmonize 3.0

I’ve spent the past week or so picking off a few of the most requested features & reported bugs.  If you’ve asked for something, check out the list below and it may well be there!


– Drafting now supports custom pack sizes.  As a result cubes with fewer than 360 cards can now be drafted.  The new minimum cube size for drafting is 48 cards (2 cards per pack).

– Added Forgotten Password functionality.  To support this you’ll be asked to provide your Date of Birth and the answer to a Security Question the first time you login after this release.

– Sorting by Colour Profile, Super Type and CMC now supported on Edit List.

– Improved ordering when sorting by Mana Cost on the Edit List page, i.e. Kor Skyfisher appears before Eight-and-a-half-tails because it has a different mana cost.

– Added a row highlight on the Edit List page.

– Added Modern Masters.

– Each cube now has a ‘Decks’ page showing the decks that have been drafted and built.

– Improved the look of various forms including Register, Login, Add Cube and Bulk Upload.

– Bulk Uploader can now handle cards that are listed more than once (“Steppe Lynx, Steppe Lynx” NOT “2 x Steppe Lynx”).

– Accessing the page of a cube that has been deleted now displays a nice message rather than an error.

– Line Breaks are now properly supported in Blog Posts and Cube Descriptions.

– Fixed a bug where you’d sometimes have an extra blank page on Cube Blog.

Analyse This

The response to the Deck Builder has been fantastic!  At the time of writing we’ve had nearly 700 decks submitted so I’m very glad to see that you are all enjoying this new feature.  I have one more small Harmonize Release to complete in the next couple of days, but for the most part my thoughts have shifted to Deep Analysis.

For those who haven’t been following this blog, my next release will focus on improving the Analysis page.  I’ve had a ton of great suggestions over the weeks but I’m looking for more!  As I’ve said many times, I’m building this site for you guys the Magic community, and I really do listen to all of the ideas that you send my way.

So maybe you want Cube Tutor to tell you how many fixing cards you can expect per draft pack, or how many red sorceries you have at 3 CMC?  Whatever it is, write it down in a Tweet or an email (see and I will cram as much of it as I can into the Analysis page for you!