Harmonize 3.0

I’ve spent the past week or so picking off a few of the most requested features & reported bugs.  If you’ve asked for something, check out the list below and it may well be there!


– Drafting now supports custom pack sizes.  As a result cubes with fewer than 360 cards can now be drafted.  The new minimum cube size for drafting is 48 cards (2 cards per pack).

– Added Forgotten Password functionality.  To support this you’ll be asked to provide your Date of Birth and the answer to a Security Question the first time you login after this release.

– Sorting by Colour Profile, Super Type and CMC now supported on Edit List.

– Improved ordering when sorting by Mana Cost on the Edit List page, i.e. Kor Skyfisher appears before Eight-and-a-half-tails because it has a different mana cost.

– Added a row highlight on the Edit List page.

– Added Modern Masters.

– Each cube now has a ‘Decks’ page showing the decks that have been drafted and built.

– Improved the look of various forms including Register, Login, Add Cube and Bulk Upload.

– Bulk Uploader can now handle cards that are listed more than once (“Steppe Lynx, Steppe Lynx” NOT “2 x Steppe Lynx”).

– Accessing the page of a cube that has been deleted now displays a nice message rather than an error.

– Line Breaks are now properly supported in Blog Posts and Cube Descriptions.

– Fixed a bug where you’d sometimes have an extra blank page on Cube Blog.

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