Deep Analysis 1.0 Release

Time for the first release under the banner of Deep Analysis!  This contains some of the first updates to the Analysis page.  As ever please let me know what you think of these changes and in particular how I can improve the Analysis page further.

New Features

– A filter has been added to the Analysis page.  This allows you to see “The Most Drafted two-drop white creatures”, “The rarity split for Slivers” etc

– Rarity, Super Type and Guild Curve charts added to the Analysis page.

– Cube Index is now sortable by Oldest cube, Alphabetical by User name and by Activity.  A cube is considered ‘more active’ if it has been updated and drafted frequently and recently.

– The Deck page now has the full cube menu so you can get to the blog, list, analysis etc straight from the deck page.

Bug Fixes

– Hitting Enter after typing your password on the Login page logs you in!

– Adding multiple cards directly on the Edit List page should now be quicker and easier.  Each time you add a new card it will clear the text field and set focus there allowing you to type the next one straight away.

– The Edit List page no longer makes two Ajax requests when updating a card.  This should make it more resilient and reduce the occurence of the ‘Save but no update’ bug.

– Cube Updates in the Activity Feed are now gramatically correct!

– Added the missing card ‘Ow’ from Unglued.


– The Edit List page now has a maximum of 100 cards per page.  Performance degrades too heavily beyond that.  I will be looking to resolve this and reintroduce the higher cap soon.

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