Remember Me?

This has been THE single most requested feature that I have had for Cube Tutor.  Persistent Login.  You can now click ‘Remember Me’ when logging in and you will not have to enter your user name and password again until you logout or use another computer or device.  Some notes:

– The session duration has been increased to 90 minutes.  This means that if you leave the site idle for more than 90 minutes, you will be silently logged back in on your next request (if you choose to use Remember Me).  Therefore if you leave a draft half complete and don’t return within this time you will not be able to complete it.

– By using the Remember Me functionality you are consenting to allow Cube Tutor to store a cookie on your computer.

– You can only be remembered on one browser on one computer for the sake of security.  If you select ‘Remember Me’ on a second computer or device, your first computer or device will no longer be remembered.

– As ever I’ve only had time for limited testing.  This is a significant change and I need to know about any problems as soon as possible.  Please get in touch here:


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