Top 20 Most Drafted Cubes

This data was very well received the last time I published it so here we go again. This time we have to Top 20 Most Drafted Cubes, in fact all of those with an incredible 10,000 picks or more!  Why not give them a draft yourself?

In the not-too-distant future I will start featuring cubes on the home page of Cube Tutor.  Should one of these be featured first?  Or do you think that you have a unique spin on cube that deserves the spotlight?  Let me know on Twitter @cubetutor.

1. Ben’s Cube,054
2. ChampBlankman’s Cube,038
3. wtwlf123’s Cube,929
4. ZachSellsMagic Cube,112
5. Magic-Jiffen’s cube,384
6. Piccio’s Cube,098
7. Kingneb’s Powered Cube,101
8. haganbmj’s Cube,413
9. Cube#1,954
10. Dudebro cube,910
11. Fun_Titan’s Cube,653
12. David’s Cube,326
13. VibeBox’s Cube,268
14. tomchaps’ Cube,157
15. Hicham and Fredo’s Cube,054
16. Darrin’s Ravnica Cube,848
17. hardb0dy’s Cube,794
18. Arjan’s Cube,665
19. Peasant 540,648
20. stubobj 360 Modern Cube –,569

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