New Release! Tinker 1.0

First off apologies for the lengthy downtime this time, I ended up having to make 4 releases in total to get this live and it took a bit longer than expected.  As ever I’ve been listening to the feedback you’ve been sending my way and prioritised the most requested features and significant bugs, so if you’ve asked for something then check out the list below.

This release is under the banner of ‘Tinker’.  It doesn’t mean that the Deep Analysis release is complete but I’ve just put it down for a while to concentrate on other stuff.

In case you missed my recent tweet, M14 will be coming soon.  I’m waiting for Wizards to upload the card images to their “general” URL.

New Features

  • You can now specify the number of bots when drafting a cube.  The number of cards per pack is dependent on the size of your cube.  The number of packs (3) is still set in stone.
  • Added a ‘My Activity’ feed to your home page.  By default this shows any actions that you or any other user has performed on your cube(s) including adding/removing cards, deck building, new forum threads and comments on decks, updates and forum posts.
  • You can ‘subscribe’ to another users’ cube.  This will add to your activity feed any activities from the above list that have happened on that cube.  The subscribe button appears on the per cube menu in a rather prominent blue colour.
  • Added a ‘My Stats’ section to your home page.  This provides a summary of the activity on your cube including a gauge that rates your activity against all of the other cubes on Cube Tutor.  If you have an activity score of 79 it means that your cube is more active that 78% of cubes on Cube Tutor.  A cube is more active if it is updated and drafted more frequently than other cubes.
  • Blog posts can now be deleted.  Note that this won’t remove the underlying update, but the post will simply be removed from the blog page.  If you want to undo an update this must still be done through the edit list page.

Bug Fixes

  • The drafting algorithm for the Cube Tutor bots has been modified for colourless cards.  Previously the bots would take a colourless card in accordance with the pick/pass ratio for that card.  Now they will take the highest ranked card in their colours or the highest ranked colourless card regardless of its actual pick/pass ratio.
  • Cards that are removed from a cube are no longer deleted from the database.  This means that decks will not have those cards removed from them any more.
  • Unselecting the ‘watched’ checkbox for a card now works properly.
  • Login redirects to the home page rather than the blog page.
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to modify the image or description for another users cube (sorry wtwlf123!).

3 thoughts on “New Release! Tinker 1.0

  1. MrMattHarper says:

    “Now they will take the highest ranked card in their colours or the highest ranked colourless card regardless of its actual pick/pass ratio.”

    What are the card rankings based on, if not the pick/pass ratio?

    • cubetutor says:

      The rankings are still based on pick/pass ratio. Previously if a colourless card was picked 8 times and passed twice, each bot would take it 80% of the time (assuming it is the highest rated card in the pack). Now they take it 100% of the time if it is the highest rated card.

      • MrMattHarper says:

        That explains why I saw almost no artifacts after drafting 2nd pick Tolarian Academy and 3rd pick Tinker in my last draft. This seems a lot more realistic. I like.

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