Recent Server Outage

Ovet the past 48 hours Cube Tutor has exhibitied slowness and random outages, particularly at peak time (2 – 4 AM BST).  I’ve been working with my hosting provider (Cloudbees – They are FANTASTIC) to resolve this and essentially I have outgrown the basic, free package that Cube Tutor has been running on.  This morning the site went through an upgrade and we now have 4 x the amount of CPU and memory available and have removed some of the throttled concurrency restrictions that were previously in place.

Early signs look promising, but it is very difficult to tell until we hit peak load again tonight.  I am also looking at a couple of application level improvements. 

Whilst things are heading in the right direction, there is still a chance of outage so please have a little patience with me and continue to send in your reports via Twitter and email and I will get the site back up to full strength as soon as I can.  As I’ve said in the past, this really started as a personal project and with the massive increase in usage I am somewhat learning on the job!  But have faith that I love this site and will be doing everything I can to keep it alive and healthy!

One thought on “Recent Server Outage

  1. Tom says:

    Keep up the good work.

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