New Release! Tinker 3.0

Hello!  It’s been three weeks since the last Cube Tutor release and I’ve got a ton of cool stuff in store for you this time around.  For the most part these changes are “non-functional”, i.e they are improvements to the operation of Cube Tutor rather than entirely new features, with a view to making Cube Tutor as user friendly as possible.

First and foremost we have a new header courtesy of Belgian artist Nathan Gotlib!  The artwork was hand drawn and if you look closely you’ll notice some sketches of iconic cube cards from the history of Magic!  Check out more of Nathan’s work including the original art for this header at

New Features

  • Card images now reflect the version of the card you’ve selected…  Finally.  If you change the set of a card on the Edit List page you’ll see the change reflected immediately.  I know that a lot of people take great pride in the appearance of their cube so you guys can finally get rid of that M10 version of Birds of Paradise!  To say this was a lot of work is an understatement.  There is no one source of Magic card images on the internet so I’ve used a combination of Gatherer, Wizards “general” URL and to source them.  With ~23,000 in total there is a chance of a mistake or two so please let me know if you find a broken link or incorrect image.  I’d also like to give a shout out to MTGSalvation user mrbrightside who helped me out with this.  Why not give his cube a draft to say thanks? A quick note on set codes.  I use set codes so if you want to see what set a code refers to please take a look at this page:
  • Split cards are fixed.  Up until now there have been two entries in my database for each split card (one for each side).  This is annoying for many reasons, so I have consolidated the split cards into one card each.  If you’ve got a split card in your cube please do check that it has updated properly.  The converted mana cost for a split card is set to the cheapest side by default.  This can of course be overridden on Edit List like normal.
  • The Edit List page is more mobile friendly.  I am using a new technique to save the changes that has reduced the amount of Javascript required by nearly 100k in page size.  This should improve the performance of this page on mobile devices.
  • The memory footprint has been dramatically reduced.  I have decided to cache cube information less aggressively resulting in an overall reduction of memory required or heap size.  In testing I’ve found that this has improved the performance in drafting and making updates on the Edit List page.  It’s important to strike the right balance with caching so I will be monitoring this closely.
  • The Cube Index has had a facelift.  It now uses the same grid as the Edit List page and can be filtered too.  You can search for cubes by user name or property (Eternal, Standard, Heavily Pimped, Large etc..).

Bug/Minor Fixes

  • Removed duplicate cards for the Premium Deck Series sets (Slivers, Fire and Lightning and Graveborn)
  • Fixed the set codes for all Duel Decks, a lot of them were set to DDK.
  • Added some new fnm and release promos.
  • Drafting with just one pack was breaking after picking the last card.  This is now fixed.

As ever, please keep the feedback coming in!

Riptide Lab:
Email: ben [at] cubetutor [dot] com

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