Monthly Archives: September 2013

New Release! Theros + More

We have been holding up from putting Theros on Cube Tutor until the images are uploaded to Wizards “general” URL and that has finally happened!  All associated promos have also been added with images being sourced from  I’m looking at other options to make this quicker the next time a new set is released.

Also managed to get a few small features/fixes in:

  • Added ‘Enchantment Artifact’ type for the new Theros cards.
  • Added latest FNM & Judge promos.
  • You can now delete a cube through My Account.
  • Deck links in My Account now use the new cubedeck page (not the old broken draftdeck one).
  • Made some modifications to the average cube lists.  These will be updated again soon.
  • Fixed a minor Javascript Error on the View Cube page.
  • Added an FAQ question about freezing drafts.
  • All set codes are now upper case to keep things consistent.
  • Uploading a cube image that is greater than 250kb now shows an error rather than refusing to accept the file with no explanation.

Lots of work is currently going into the next major release (Wildfire!) so keep an eye out for that soon.



Small Update! Tinker 3.2

A small update that’s just about big enough to deserve a .1 increment!  I’m working on the next major release alongside these minor fixes so stay tuned for news on that soon.


  • Added FTV:20 (set code v13), SDCC Planeswalkers (set code mbp) and Duel Decks Heroes vs Monsters (set code ddl).
  • Added a new deck export option for Riptide Laboratory Format so you can now post your deck lists here:
  • FAQ page now appears in the menu when logged in.
  • New Decks and Updates now contribute immediately to your Activity Score on the Cube Index page rather than having to wait 24 hours.

New Release! Tinker 3.1

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback for the Tinker 3.0 Release.  A few of you mentioned missing card images to me and hopefully those should now all be fixed, if not please let me know.  I also found some time for a couple of other bits and pieces…

New Features

  • Added FAQ Page.
  • New Rarity column on the Edit List page.  If you have a Pauper or Peasant cube that is listed as Budget you can now override the rarity on the offending card(s).
  • Moved the Export function from My Account to View List to make it possible to export other peoples cubes.  Added MTGSalvation ‘[DECK]’ export format.
  • Added the Export function to the Deck page so that you can export deck lists.  Supported formats are Plain Text, MTGSalvation and MTGO (.dec).
  • Added the filter to the Visual Spoiler page.

Bug/Minor Fixes

  • Added missing M14 Promos, Duel Deck cards, FNM promos and fixed FNM Life // Death image.
  • Packs with more than 15 cards are now draftable.
  • Fixed a bug where the line endings weren’t working when exporting on Windows and opening the file in Notepad.
  • Analysis page shows how many cards are being analysed which is useful when filtering.
  • There were a couple of edge case problems with Visual Spoiler ordering.  The order is now more similar to the View Cube page.
  • Creatures with the Super Type ‘Summon’ (mostly Unglued and Unhinged) were appearing as ‘Artifact Creature’ on the Edit List page.  This has been fixed.