New Release! Tinker 3.1

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback for the Tinker 3.0 Release.  A few of you mentioned missing card images to me and hopefully those should now all be fixed, if not please let me know.  I also found some time for a couple of other bits and pieces…

New Features

  • Added FAQ Page.
  • New Rarity column on the Edit List page.  If you have a Pauper or Peasant cube that is listed as Budget you can now override the rarity on the offending card(s).
  • Moved the Export function from My Account to View List to make it possible to export other peoples cubes.  Added MTGSalvation ‘[DECK]’ export format.
  • Added the Export function to the Deck page so that you can export deck lists.  Supported formats are Plain Text, MTGSalvation and MTGO (.dec).
  • Added the filter to the Visual Spoiler page.

Bug/Minor Fixes

  • Added missing M14 Promos, Duel Deck cards, FNM promos and fixed FNM Life // Death image.
  • Packs with more than 15 cards are now draftable.
  • Fixed a bug where the line endings weren’t working when exporting on Windows and opening the file in Notepad.
  • Analysis page shows how many cards are being analysed which is useful when filtering.
  • There were a couple of edge case problems with Visual Spoiler ordering.  The order is now more similar to the View Cube page.
  • Creatures with the Super Type ‘Summon’ (mostly Unglued and Unhinged) were appearing as ‘Artifact Creature’ on the Edit List page.  This has been fixed.


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