New Release! Theros + More

We have been holding up from putting Theros on Cube Tutor until the images are uploaded to Wizards “general” URL and that has finally happened!  All associated promos have also been added with images being sourced from  I’m looking at other options to make this quicker the next time a new set is released.

Also managed to get a few small features/fixes in:

  • Added ‘Enchantment Artifact’ type for the new Theros cards.
  • Added latest FNM & Judge promos.
  • You can now delete a cube through My Account.
  • Deck links in My Account now use the new cubedeck page (not the old broken draftdeck one).
  • Made some modifications to the average cube lists.  These will be updated again soon.
  • Fixed a minor Javascript Error on the View Cube page.
  • Added an FAQ question about freezing drafts.
  • All set codes are now upper case to keep things consistent.
  • Uploading a cube image that is greater than 250kb now shows an error rather than refusing to accept the file with no explanation.

Lots of work is currently going into the next major release (Wildfire!) so keep an eye out for that soon.


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