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Get your cube featured on the Cube Tutor homepage!

As part of the Wildfire 1.0 Release (coming soon!) Cube Tutor will start featuring individual cubes in a prominent position on the home page.  The idea is to highlight cubes with unique or interesting ideas that may not otherwise be noticed.  The featured cube can expect to get a lot of attention along with valuable draft & deck data.

In order to qualify you need to do only two things:

1) Upload a picture for your cube through your blog page on Cube Tutor.

2) Explain in less than 200 characters (not words!) why your cube is unique or interesting.  Send this, along with your cube id to or through Facebook or Twitter.

Both the picture and the text will feature on the Cube Tutor homepage, so don’t try and sell it to us, sell it to the masses!

The Featured Cube will be updated on a regular basis.




Cube Tutor Announcement

I was looking at the history of changes to Cube Tutor recently and the first commit (piece of code) was made on the 5th November 2012.  This makes Cube Tutor a little over a year old, and what a year it’s been.  I’d like to start by thanking a few people for helping me get the site to where it is now.  In particular Kieran, Tom and Simon in the London Magic community who really motivated me to take this project from a personal whim to something much bigger by providing early feature requests.  If it hadn’t been for you guys I may not have even got as far as implementing drafting!  There are countless other real life friends whose words of support over the months have really spurred me on.  You know who you are, so thank you.

Next I’d like to thank the community on MTGSalvation.  This is where I first “launched” the site and I really appreciate the support that MTGSalvation gave me in getting off the ground.  In particular wtwlf123 who continues to contribute very regularly to the Cube Tutor discussion, and often answers questions about the site.  Thanks go out to the following people too for your continued support, apologies if I’ve missed anyone:

sylar_teh_evil, bondafong, eidolon232, ChampBlankman, Fredo, Hicham, Wildfire393, norbert88, Humpty_Dumpty, revengeanceful, Pringlesman, Norl, RiotInferno, [TJS]Dandy_Lions, tomchaps, alyu314, naturax, therestless, whydirt, haganbmj, JesterSB, dann14, Leelue, Nof, akroma44, Blind_Piper, jcircone, Altaurus321, kingneb, MrDumpkins, Raszero, BetweenWalls, Pendrell, hardb0dy, Winterlude, DerBK, Bassplaya92, Aznopium, mrbrightside, jonboyjon, sexyindiancurry, flutterguy, majikian, Kassow-Rossing, Ixoran, its0v3r9000, Tim Proctor, cuttups, colormage1, Ninja_Bob, dontsuemewizards and pkedu

Next up thanks to Jason and Kranny at the Riptide Laboratory and the whole community over there and the guys on the /r/mtgcube/ subreddit for your support.

And finally a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has been generous enough to donate to Cube Tutor and keep the site up and running for the last few months.  You guys rock!

I am sending out lots of Thank You’s here, but this is not a victory speech.  There is still so much to do…

And so I am here today to announce that I will be taking some time out of my professional career to invest some time in Cube Tutor for a while.  My backlog of work has grown and grown over the months and it’s gotten to the point where I just need to dedicate some time to it to get things done.  Working on this site is a real passion for me and having an awesome community of people behind it who care enough to send me email upon email of feedback and feature requests really makes the whole thing worthwhile.

I am laying down a Mission Objective.  It is an acronym.  I don’t normally like acronyms as they’ve never really helped me remember anything in the past but this particular one popped into my head and it really seems to fit my development ethos.  I want to make Cube Tutor F.A.S.T.

  • Feature Rich – This means working through the massive backlog of suggestions, ideas and bugs that have accumulated over the months.
  • Accessible – Cube Tutor is not optimised for the increasing number of visitors from mobile devices so I will be looking to address this.  I also hope to finally get the site running on Internet Explorer.
  • Scalable –  It is important that as Cube Tutor continues to grow that the site can Scale with the increasing load.  We’ve had a couple of periods of unforeseen downtime recently due to an increasing number of visitors.  This isn’t acceptable so I will be working on hardening the foundation of Cube Tutor so that it can continue to grow.
  • Time.  It is important to get this delivered before 2030.  Also FAS isn’t an acronym 🙂

So that’s it.  I will continue to listen and respond to the community and prioritise work accordingly and you can expect development to really ramp up after Christmas time and into the New Year. Exciting Times!

New Release! Wildfire 0.1

I’d like to start by thanking everyone who has got in touch with me over email, Facebook and Twitter over the last couple of months.  Your bug reports, feature requests and general feedback keep this site heading in the right direction and I really appreciate the time that you’ve taken to help me craft Cube Tutor into something awesome.  For those of you out there who have a burning idea but haven’t got in touch then please do and you might just see your idea making it into the next release!

It’s great to see the site slowly becoming part of the collective consciousness of the Cubing community and I’ll be doing my best to keep up the momentum.  I’ve got a special announcement coming up sometime in the next couple of weeks that will hopefully see development on the site ramping up significantly.

So on to todays release and those of you who have been with Cube Tutor for a while will remember when the site went from a free hosting plan to a paid hosting plan and I opened up donations.  Well now we are starting to max out our usage on the paid tier that Cube Tutor operates on.  Rather than simply throwing more money at the problem, I’ve spent the last few weeks optimising and improving the site.   It’s by no means finished, but hopefully this release should give Cube Tutor more stability and prevent any outages at least for the immediate future.

I’m calling this release Wildfire 0.1 as there are no big new features in just yet (more on that in my upcoming announcement).  Here is the complete list of changes.  Any questions, issues or suggestions then please get in touch!


  •  Added the paginated grid to the Decks page.  This will make browsing the decks easier and also massively reduces the load time of this page.  In addition the information that Cube Tutor stores in memory has been reduced to improve performance.
  • Significantly reduced the incidence of the ‘Something went wrong’ page by catching the case when a user tries to make an ajax request on a stale session (for example after leaving a draft open for 90 minutes and then picking a card).
  • Initial cube loading from the database is now about 80% faster as a result I could reduce the cache duration for cubes.

Bug Fixes/New Features

  • The draft bots handle new cards a lot better.  If a new card has only been picked, but not passed the bots will ignore until it has either been passed or drafted 6 times.
  • When deleting a card from your list the page no longer scrolls and the deleted card is marked with a red row until the update set is saved.
  • All drafts default to 15/3/7 if possible and the first pack is loaded when you hit the page so you don’t have to press the ‘Update’ button each time you draft now.
  • Fixed JSS Royal Assassin image
  • Sections on the View List page have no line breaks when there are less than 6 cards in that section
  • Fixed the order of the cards when making replacements on the Edit List page (i.e. OLD > NEW)
  • You can’t set an empty name for your cube any more.  All current cubes with an empty name have been renamed to ‘My Cube’.
  • Double clicks are prevented when submitting decks.
  • Resetting and Deleting a cube now clears all deck lists too.