Get your cube featured on the Cube Tutor homepage!

As part of the Wildfire 1.0 Release (coming soon!) Cube Tutor will start featuring individual cubes in a prominent position on the home page.  The idea is to highlight cubes with unique or interesting ideas that may not otherwise be noticed.  The featured cube can expect to get a lot of attention along with valuable draft & deck data.

In order to qualify you need to do only two things:

1) Upload a picture for your cube through your blog page on Cube Tutor.

2) Explain in less than 200 characters (not words!) why your cube is unique or interesting.  Send this, along with your cube id to or through Facebook or Twitter.

Both the picture and the text will feature on the Cube Tutor homepage, so don’t try and sell it to us, sell it to the masses!

The Featured Cube will be updated on a regular basis.



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