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New Release! Wildfire 2.0

Time to spread a bit more Wildfire!

New Features

  • Internet Explorer Support – You can now access Cube Tutor in version 9 and up of Internet Explorer. Those of you who are familiar with web development will know that the older you go with IE, the more quirks you have to deal with. If you are using version 8 or lower then please consider upgrading, and if you can’t upgrade please do get in touch and let me know. If tons of people still want to use IE8 for good reasons then I will endeavour to bring it into the fold.
  • Blog Posts without Cube Updates – You can now write a post on your blog without having to update your cube at the same time. Just login and you’ll see a ‘New Blog Post’ bar at the top of the blog page.
  • Images in Blog Posts – You can now upload an image to accompany each of your blog posts, whether in conjunction with a cube update or not. Check out my blog for an example –
  • Edit Blog Posts – There’s a new pencil icon next to the delete icon for blog posts. You can use this to modify blog posts as you please.
  • Autocard for Blog Posts – You can now use the traditional [card][/card] tags in your blog posts. This was the Easter Egg from the previous release! Either type the tags in directly or use the ‘[autocard]’ link. This will show the image from the card in your cube if you have it, otherwise it will show a default card image. It is not currently supported in comments or forum posts – coming soon!

Minor Updates/Bug Fixes

  • Average Cubes updated.
  • Fixed #cubetutornews feed. The Twitter API changed, requiring an update to Cube Tutor.
  • Adding missing Vindicate Judge Reward card.
  • You no longer get a nasty error when trying to load a cube deck that doesn’t exist.
  • The Cube Size on the Pimp Chart now shows the total filtered size when using the filter.
  • Fixed a small UI issue on the Cube Index Filter.
  • Some minor improvements to Tag Colouring in My Account.

New Release! Wildfire 1.1

Thanks to the great feedback that you guys have sent my way after Wildfire 1.0. I’ve spent some time over the last few days fixing bugs and making improvements.

  • The Edit List page loads and saves a lot faster now. Instead of binding the Javascript to the tag list field and pimp field each time the page is loaded (and for every card on the screen), the Javascript is invoked lazily now, i.e. when you actually want to use it for a particular card. This means the browser is doing a ton less work to load the page and everything is a lot quicker.

  • Fix an issue where adding a tag with a non A-Z, 0-9 character sometimes caused an error (depending on the character).

  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to apply a colour to a tag that had a trailing space, for example ‘my tag ‘.

  • Removing a colour from a tag now works properly.

  • When all instances of a particular tag are removed, the colour no longer appears in the key on the View List page.

  • Added ‘Misprint’ and ‘English’ pimp options.

Keep those bug reports and feature requests coming in!

New Release! Wildfire 1.0

I set myself two main goals for the Wildfire Release to implement a flexible and robust tagging mechanism and to make some improvements to the blog. For those of you with a keen eye, I’m on the ‘F’ part of my FAST mission objective 🙂

As with previous releases, Wildfire will contain a number of releases so I’m here today to announce Wildfire 1.0 which primarily addresses card tagging. My goal for this work was to provide a means for cubers to classify their cards to the nth degree. The current system was far too limited so hopefully these new tools will give you the freedom to describe your cards as you please.

There is also an Easter Egg ( in the blog, a small taste of the work to come in the next Wildfire Release. I will be impressed if anyone can find it!

As ever if you find any problems with this release, Cube Tutor in general or have an idea for a cool feature, please do get in touch here:


New Features

  • Card Tagging – It is now possible to categorise your cards in a much more open and flexible way. Simply type words into the ‘Tags’ field on the Edit List page and hit ‘enter’ to save them individually. Cube Tutor will remember and autocomplete previous tags that you’ve used. Any cards that were previously Watched have now been given a tag ‘Watched’.

  • Filter on View List – The Filter has been added to the View List page.

  • Filter By Tag – You can now filter by tags everywhere (Edit List, Visual Spoiler, Analysis and View List).

  • Colour Coded Tags! – You can set one of 12 predefined colours for each of the tags in your cube. These colours will appear as highlights on the View List page and as row highlights on the Edit List page. The colours could be used for many things, but you can see a sample usage on my list ( where I highlight the cards that I need to trade for, i.e. those that are completely Unpimped and those that I would like to Upgrade to a more pimped version (get out of there Pro Tour Ajani Goldmane!!). Note that the colours can be turned off on the View Cube page for easier reading.

  • Multi Select Pimp Options – You can now properly categorise your Miscut Foil Japanese Signed Dark Confidant! Simply select all of the pimp options that apply. Note that Non Foil and [NOT SET] have been removed as pimp options and lots more pimp options have been added.

  • Pimp Analysis is now a Bar Chart – Now that you can apply multiple pimp options to your cards it no longer makes sense to show this as a pie chart, so you’ve now got a bar chart for each of the pimp options.

  • Featured Cube – Congratulations to Andy Rogers (@ALRStories) who owns our first Featured Cube. Check it out through the home page. The Featured Cube will be changed every 2-4 weeks so please keep your submissions coming in at and your cube could be the next to be featured.

  • Random Cube – You can now open a sealed deck or draft a random cube from Cube Tutor. Qualifying cubes are at least 360 cards in size so that they can be drafted in typical 15/3/7 fashion.

  • Improved Release Process – Some of you may have seen the ‘Cube Tutor is being Upgraded’ page already. As of the next release after Wildfire 1.0 you will notice a message saying “Cube Tutor is going offline for an upgrade in X minutes” message in prominent orange text in the header on Cube Tutor, so no more being disrupted mid draft!

Minor Updates/Bug Fixes

  • Added a Getting Started page for new cubers.

  • Latest Promos added to the site including the Happy Holidays Stocking Tiger.

  • JSS Images should now be correct.

  • Happy Holidays cards should now be sorted into the correct sections on the View List page.

  • Some minor differences in the ordering on the Visual Spoiler and View List pages were fixed. I’m looking at you Nest Invader.

  • Deleting a cube now properly deletes all subscriptions to that cube.

  • Fixed a bug in the deck builder where occasionally duplicate cards would appear.

  • Reduced the number of log exceptions by 50% by fixing errors introduced by search engine bots.

  • Filter options are no longer saved when you change cubes.

  • Improved Performance of queries to save pick and pass counts when drafting.

  • Commenting on Decks in different tabs caused comments to be attributed to the last deck that was opened. This has been fixed, comments are now attributed to the correct decks.