New Release! Wildfire 1.1

Thanks to the great feedback that you guys have sent my way after Wildfire 1.0. I’ve spent some time over the last few days fixing bugs and making improvements.

  • The Edit List page loads and saves a lot faster now. Instead of binding the Javascript to the tag list field and pimp field each time the page is loaded (and for every card on the screen), the Javascript is invoked lazily now, i.e. when you actually want to use it for a particular card. This means the browser is doing a ton less work to load the page and everything is a lot quicker.

  • Fix an issue where adding a tag with a non A-Z, 0-9 character sometimes caused an error (depending on the character).

  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to apply a colour to a tag that had a trailing space, for example ‘my tag ‘.

  • Removing a colour from a tag now works properly.

  • When all instances of a particular tag are removed, the colour no longer appears in the key on the View List page.

  • Added ‘Misprint’ and ‘English’ pimp options.

Keep those bug reports and feature requests coming in!

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