New Release! Electrolyze 1.0

I’ve spent the last few weeks focussing on infrastructure improvements. The site is enjoying nearly a day-on-day increase in visitors and I need to make sure that it can handle everybody. However I do have a smallish new feature set for you to (hopefully) enjoy today.

Those with a keen eye will notice that the formerly named ‘Cube Index’ has been expanded to a larger ‘All Cubes’ section of the site. This gives me a bit more scope to look at cross-cube functionality in this area.

New Features

  • Compare Cubes – Compare your cube to any other on CubeTutor and get a report on the card differences! Find it under ‘All Cubes’.
  • Top Cards by Set – If you are struggling with which cards you should add from the latest set, this page will give you a general idea about the most popular cards. Find this under ‘All Cubes’ too.
  • Login with Email Address – just in case you forget your username.
  • Change Password – Through My Account.

Bug Fixes/Minor Improvements

  • Fixed styling of Getting Started page.
  • Deleting cube blog entries no longer causes an error.
  • New Featured Cube!

A relatively small release, but as ever I am constantly working to improve your experience on Cube Tutor. Please get in touch if you have any comments/ideas/suggestions!


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