Maintenance Update – 23/04

We’ve had quite a few reports recently that Cube Tutor has been running fairly slow during peak periods. This is due to a increase in traffic (awesome!) combined with a server infrastructure that could probably do with being upgraded (damn!). Unfortunately it costs quite a bit to run a live server and we don’t yet have the means to upgrade it. However we are currently working very hard on the next major functional release that will give you guys the ability to support Cube Tutor financially through something a bit more than donations whilst giving you some cool stuff in return :). More on that in a future update.

Thankfully however there is still quite a bit that can be done without upgrading the server, so hopefully we should see an improvement after this release. Nothing has changed from a functionality point of view but we would be interested to hear if you experience problems on the Cube Index, Draft or View List pages as these have changed the most under the covers.

In addition:

As ever we love to read your comments, ideas, suggestions, cube stories! Please get in touch:

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