The Great Card Categorisation Project

Hello! It’s finally time for another update. This won’t be anything new to anyone who was involved in the first round of Beta Testing, but for everyone else, I introduce to you… The Categoriser!

We are looking to crowd source information on the function of individual Magic cards, whether they are Card Draw spells, Aggro creatures, Bounce effects, Mass Removal or whatever else. Those who participated in the Beta were the first to test out this new feature and they helped generate the list of card tags that are available to choose from. From the raw data provided by the Beta testers, I spent many an hour coming up with the final list of tags that you see today.

Now that the Categoriser is live, any new tag submissions must be approved. If you think that Crypt Ghast should have the tag ‘Ghastly’ then by all means type that in and submit it as a new tag, although I can almost guarantee that this particular tag won’t be approved! For further information on what the Categoriser is, and how to tag cards, please see the detailed information in the FAQ.

The tags submitted by you, the Cube Tutor users will have many future applications including more detailed analysis – Want to know how many Counterspells that you have in blue? Default Tag Suggestions, and most excitingly something super secret that will be revealed in the next round of Beta Testing 🙂

So if you’ve got a few minutes spare, why not help out the cause and Categorise some cards?

If this has whetted your appetite for Beta Testing Cube Tutor, then by all means get in touch and submit your application. Everyone who has emailed in so far is guaranteed to have a spot in the next round of the Beta and it is shaping up to be epic!

Until next time.



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