Monthly Archives: July 2014

M15 update and new image source

M15 is live! Don’t forget to check out the Top Cards By Set page to see which cards people are adding.

We decided to change our source of non-promo images for this release. For the past year we’ve been relying on to give us all of the card information for new sets, and Wizard’s “general” URL for the actual images. That all changed today thanks to and These great projects simplify the whole process of adding new sets and it’ll mean much faster updates for Cube Tutor. If you are working on an MTG website or app I can’t recommend them enough.

As this is a new image source, there is a small chance some card images could be missing. If you notice any problems, then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Enjoy the update and we look forward to drafting your M15-enabled cubes!