Bug Fix Release: Treasure Cruise 1.0

It’s been a while since I put out a bug fix release so it felt appropriate to name it after the all-format soon-to-be-banned All Star that is Treasure Cruise!

I found out recently that our hosting provider, Cloudbees is to stop it’s hosting offering by the end of the year so I will be working on “moving house” so to speak over the next couple of weeks. It’ll be a lot of work but once that’s done I’ll be able to dedicate more time to working on your feature requests so please keep those coming in through the usual channels.

So without further adieu, I present Treasure Cruise 1.0

  • All card images now hosted by MTGImage.com – A few months ago we made the transition to MTGImage.com for all of CubeTutor’s non-promo images. Since then, Robert at MTGImage has been working his butt off and they’re now in a position to host all of the card images that we need for CubeTutor including all promo’s. This is great news because it is a lot easier to add new cards to the site now, meaning the delay between set release and CubeTutor updating should be very small, or even non-existent. To anyone out there who’s developing an app that needs card images, look no further than MTGImage.com (and accompanying MTGJson.com), it is awesome.
  • Fixed Multiple Decks Saving bug – A lot of you guys have reported this one over the last few months. You’ll save a deck through the Deck Builder and it will be saved 10+ times. This was a very annoying issue to track down, and it ended up being specific to IE 10 & 11. It’s now fixed, and most of the extra decks have been deleted from the database.
  • Reworked Cube Index – If you’ve seen the 502 Bad Gateway error in the last month you’ll know why we had to do this. In order to calculate activity scores, the Index page had to load every cube on the site and compare them to work out which were the “most active”. This was fine when we had 500 cubes, but now that we have getting on for 20,000 it is no longer feasible. The heavy lifting required was causing the site to periodically slow down and occasionally crash all together. The Cube Index has now been replaced with separate Average Cubes, Most Drafted Cubes and Search pages. Unfortunately this has been at the cost of the Activity Score, and the ability to filter by properties. The former probably won’t come back, but I’m working on adding the latter to the Search page. In the mean time you’ve now got a bunch of new ways to search for cubes on the site including by ‘Contains Card(s)’.
  • Restyled Menus – The look and feel has changed quite a bit. In addition
    • All Cube Index pages can now be found under ‘Community’.
    • FAQ, Contact and Donate can be found under ‘About’.
    • When logged in, you can logout using the cog icon in the new username panel.
    • When logged in and viewing one of your own cubes, you can switch to your other cubes in the cube sub menu.
    • When logged in, View, Edit and Bulk Upload can be found under the ‘List’ sub menu item.
  • Khans of Tarkir Clan Names – These now replace the old Apocalypse era names for the 3 colour wedge combinations, everywhere on the site. I also fixed the name of the 4-Colour combination “Glint Eye”, previously “Giant Eye” – thanks Henry who got in touch about that.
  • Added missing promos – From Game Day, FNM, Judge, Media Inserts, Prereleases, Launch Parties, SDCC and WMCQ. Thanks again MTGImage.com.

If you have any questions, comments, bugs or feature requests, then please get in touch.

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