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What is Missing from Cube Tutor?

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Being an Englishman I don’t do anything to celebrate, other than watch in wonder as my local Tesco gets ransacked for Dr Dre headphones but nonetheless I know that lots of you guys do celebrate it so I hope that you had a nice day!

I spent this morning working and listening to the MTGin3D cube podcast on ManaDeprived. Pedro, Liam and the guys do a great job of chatting all things cube and I highly recommend it to anyone who is not a regular listener. The topic of CubeTutor came up and one of the guys mentioned how the Analysis page is sorely lacking a “Average CMC” section, and that this was the only thing holding him back from dumping his old spreadsheet. Well to me, you shouldn’t have to maintain your list in two different places, CubeTutor should do everything that your spreadsheet did and more. So I’ll make a commitment to get this fixed for my next bugfix release.

What I want to know from you guys is, what else is holding you back from getting rid of your old spreadsheet? Having to maintain a list in two places is a pain, and if I can get rid of any of these little sticking points then I will. I get a ton of suggestions from you guys every day, and they are very much appreciated, but what I’m looking for here aren’t cool new features like [X] 2 Player Draft Format or Commander Cube support (I know about those things, don’t worry!), but more the little issues that you can still do on a spreadsheet (or wherever else you host your list), but not on CubeTutor.

You’ve still got a couple more days to get your entries in for our November Competition. The prize is having your cube moved to ID #13 which will be featured, and a day of my development time to work on something you’d like to see on CubeTutor. For more information check out this post:

Once I’ve agreed a new feature with the winner of this contest, I will implement that along with the most popular “niggles” sometime in the next couple of weeks. So if you’ve got a suggestion, then please send it to me the next week or so and I will work on what I can. All the usual contact channels apply:




DNS Downtime Tomorrow

We’re having to do a bit more DNS work, this time changing our Name Servers.  This means that from 8AM GMT tomorrow, Cube Tutor will not be available on  I will have no control over what is displayed and it will likely be a UK2.NET landing page.

The site will be available as usual on  I have no control over the duration of this downtime but from experience it typically takes 2 to 8 hours.