Monthly Archives: December 2014

New Release: Call of the Herd 1.0

I put out a call last week for new Cube Tutor features. Specifically things that you guys are still using your spreadsheets for but can’t yet achieve through CT. The response was fantastic! A couple of things, namely Average CMC charts and a ‘View Curve’ page came up repeatedly so I decided to tackle those first.

In addition to these new features, make sure to check out Quinn Edward French’s Modern Banlist cube which is now in residence at #13 and featured on the home page after he won our November contest. Quinn’s feature request was to add a ‘Require Multicolour’ check box to the Cube Filter.

Without further adieu, here is the list of changes.

  • Average CMC Charts on the Analysis page. You can now see the Average CMC of the cards in your cube split by mono colours, guilds and multicolour combinations. The fourth chart shows combined averages. As with everything on this page you can use the filter to refine the list of cards that are analysed.

  • Multicolour Pie Chart on the Analysis page. Shows card counts for the tri colour combinations.

  • View Curve page – You can now view the curve of your list split by colour, and then creature & non-creature. If you’ve checked out the Average CMC charts to see that your Average Mono Red CMC is too high then this view should help you figure out what to change. As you’d expect this page also includes the filter & tag colours.

  • Require Multicolour cube filter option. Tick this box to restrict the filter results to only multicolour cards.

  • Reset Pick Orders – You can now reset just the pick orders for your draft bots. This is useful when you want to make wide sweeping changes to your cube and force your bots to “re-learn” how to draft it.

  • Increased Blog Comment Size – Many of you have been frustrated at only being able to write 1000 characters on your blog posts. This has now been increased to 20,000 characters.

  • Fixed a number of Search Bugs. Thanks to Erik Balgard who contacted me through Facebook to report these.

    • Setting cube size from 360 to 360 cards did not return any results.

    • Setting a cube size in conjunction with a card name (e.g. Gravecrawler in cubes between 359 and 361 cards) did not return any results.

    • Setting “Drafted X Times” in conjunction with a cube size did not return any results.\

  • Average Cubes have been updated.

  • A subtle restyle on the header.

As ever, if you have a problems or want to run anything else by me, please get in touch.