Monthly Archives: January 2015

Last Call for Beta Testers

Round 2 of the Cube Tutor Beta will be starting next week, so I’m putting out a final call for beta testers.  Anyone wishing to apply to take part in the Cube Tutor Beta should send an email to no later than Midnight GMT on Saturday 31st January.  Instructions will be sent out for those taking part at the beginning of next week.  There will be absolutely no obligation for participants to do anything but hopefully you’ll want to when you see what we have in store!


Fate Reforged Release + Beta Testers Needed

Thanks to the awesome we actually have Fate Reforged out before prerelease weekend for the first time ever! These guys provide an essential service and I encourage anyone who needs Magic card info in their app to use it.

As always I look forward to seeing what everyone chooses to do with Fate Reforged in cube. This release also contains a number of minor bugfixes, see below for those. But first..

It’s time to recruit some more beta testers! CubeTutor is about to get quite a shake up and we need YOUR HELP in testing it. As a beta tester you’ll get to see this cool new stuff early and have the opportunity to provide valuable feedback that will be used to shape the site going forward. There may even be a couple of rewards along the way too 😉

Everyone who has signed up previously will automatically be enlisted in this round of beta testing. If you would like to sign up then all you need to do is drop me an email on There is absolutely no obligation to do anything at all.

Without further adieu, here is the complete list of changes & fixes:

  • Added Fate Reforged

  • New Featured Cube: Storm Cube!

  • Added Stoke the Flames FNM promo & Mishra’s Toy Shop HHO promo.

  • Fixed Vindicate Judge Foil (Sorin) image.

  • The new limit of 20,000 characters now applies when editing blog posts.

  • The Add Cube page no longer crashes if you enter a really long cube name.

  • Some restyling of the top menu.

  • Fixed an issue on the Search page where searching by a single card name returned 0 results.

  • Added ‘Artist Proof’ pimp option.

  • Updated Average Cubes.