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Card Categorisation – Keep it up!

I’ve spent the last couple of days approving a whole bunch of Categoriser data – more than 4500 cards in total.  It’s a long and slow process but we’re getting there!

I’ve now approved every single card with 10 or more votes and will carry on approving each card as it reaches 10 votes for the foreseeable future.

This data is very important for a variety of upcoming features so I would very much appreciate it if you could continue to take a few moments out of your cubing day to contribute to the cause.  Categorising cards is easy and this data set, when complete will be a massive asset to the community!

Check out The Categoriser here!

Thanks for your continued efforts!
– Ben


Card Images – Fixed!

It’s taken a few days but we’re finally back to where we were before MTGImage went down.  You should notice that all of your cards are now showing up as the correct versions.  If not then please do let me know!

In addition we have:

  • A new Featured Cube – The Penny Pincher Cube!
  • Updated Average Cubes.
  • All externally hosted images are now accessed through a CDN which should mean much faster load times all round.

Happy Days!


Card Images – Now coming from Gatherer

Cube Tutor was taken down at approximately 22:00 GMT tonight on an emergency basis because our card images were no longer showing up.  We were using the service provided by which is no longer available.  You can read more about that over on their website.

This means that for the time being Cube Tutor has been migrated over to Gatherer for card images, however we are somewhat at the mercy of Gatherer as to which edition of each card shows up.  This is (hopefully) a short term solution until we can find something to better fill the gap left by MTGImage, which includes all of the promo images and other card versions.

We have not had time to thoroughly test this change, but it seems to be working for the most part.  If you notice any missing card images then please get in touch.

In the mean time, please bear with us while we look for a better solution.

Card Categorisation – The Final Push!

Cube Tutor needs you! For the past year or so we have slowly been gathering information on the function of each Magic card through The Categoriser. Collectively the Cube Tutor community has categorised over 7,000 cards!

We will finally be utilising this information in some upcoming features, but in order to do so we need to categorise the rest of the pile. So today another 8,000 cards were added to The Categoriser for your perusal. In addition, once a card has been categorised 10 times it will no longer show up for other users, meaning that we will be getting data on more cards, faster.

So if you have a few spare minutes why not help out the community and take The Categoriser for a spin?


– Ben