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Announcing the Cube Tutor Champion Program

My name is Ben and I am dedicated to building the best suite of cube management and testing tools on the internet.

Over the past two years Cube Tutor has grown from a tiny project shared amongst friends to the Go To tool for cube management and testing for tens of thousands of players around the world.  I love Magic: The Gathering,  the Cube format and this community and want to keep doing this as long as possible.

I don’t make any money out of Cube Tutor.. in fact quite the opposite.  Over the past few months the popularity of the site, and resulting server costs have reached a level that is unsustainable for me.  So I am appealing to you to help me keep the site up and running by covering those server costs through a Patreon campaign.

As a THANK YOU to anyone who is able to donate just $5 or more a month, your account on Cube Tutor will be upgraded to a Champion Level account granting you access to some awesome new features including a custom built Advanced Drafting AI (“Castle AI”), Grid Drafting, Winston Drafting, Custom Card images and much more! Check out the Champion home page to see what’s included:

In addition, as a member of the Champion community you will receive voting rights to help shape the future of the platform by telling me what I should be working on next!

Anything beyond the first milestone of this campaign represents MY DREAM.  I would love to work on Cube Tutor to the point where I could consider it my job that paid the bills.  This would mean more new features, more releases and more awesomeness for the site as voted for by you guys in the Champion community.

Cube Tutor Champion Program:

Patreon Campaign:

New Features (for Non-Champions too!)

In addition to launching the Cube Tutor Champion program this release also includes a bunch of new features for Non Champion members too. I fully intend to continue rolling out new features to you guys who perhaps can’t afford to donate and become a Cube Tutor Champion. For this release, we have…

  • Card Prices – You can access the current price for your cube on a new Price page. You can mark cards as ‘Owned’ or ‘Not Owned’ and will see a summary of the total value of the Owned and Not Owned portions of your cube. All prices are provided by
  • Sideboard – A place to store cards which aren’t in your main list but that you want to keep track of. You could use this for cards that you are considering for inclusion in your main list or for those people with an EDH cube, this might be the place to store your list of Commanders. It’s just a really flexible space for you to use as you choose. You can move cards to your Sideboard from the Edit List page, and view your Sideboard on the new View Sideboard page.
  • My Account Redesign – I’ve reorganised My Account into separate pages, and it’s now accessible through the gear icon in the Top Right corner.
  • Each card now has it’s own page that you can reach by clicking on a card image or name. From this page you can see all of the available versions of that card, including prices. You can also view the approved tags and suggest new tags which are heavily used by Castle AI.
  • View Tag page. You can see all cards tagged with a particular property. This page can be reached by clicking on a tag on the View Card page, or in the Castle AI documentation. For example:

Minor Features

  • Stars – You will notice that some members have stars after their usernames. A gold star indicates a Cube Tutor Champion and a blue star indicates a member who helped out in the Cube Tutor Beta program.
  • We now have a custom 404 Error page. It shows a random card too!
  • The Something Went Wrong page has been snazzed up a bit too.
  • The card images on the Draft page have been reduced a bit in size to make it easier to draft without scrolling.
  • ‘Subscribe’ has been renamed to ‘Follow’. Follow a cube to get an update on your home page when people interact with it.
  • Many bug fixes – too many to mention!

The Launch

If you find any problems, then please report them to Ben directly through the usual channels ( This release will be very busy for me, please bear in mind the following:

  • It is very likely that the site will be taken offline sporadically over the next few days for bug fixes and general maintenance. You can trust that I will only be doing this when it is absolutely necessary.
  • Champion accounts will be manually upgraded in batches every few hours but it may take up to 24 hours for your account to be upgraded. Please ensure that your email address on Patreon matches your email address on Cube Tutor (which you can see and modify through My Account). If you would like them to be different, that’s no problem just let me know.
  • Castle AI may perform strangely on “jank” cubes at the moment. This is because it relies heavily on our crowd sourced tagging system (The Categoriser) and many of the less popular cards simply have no approved tags yet. Without these the AI does not know how to evaluate them. Please bear with us while we get through the backlog.
  • If you would like to push a card up the priority order, then you can suggest tags for it directly on the page for that card.
  • We will be doing our best to review your Castle AI pick reports, but initially at least things are going to be very busy so please don’t expect a quick turnaround time on modifications. CTAdmin‘s will get around to your reports as soon as we can.

Thanks a lot for reading and I hope that you are as excited about this as I am!

– Ben


Added: Clash Pack Promos, Online-Only sets and Duel Decks Anthology

Time for a quick update.  Cube Tutor now includes the following sets:

– Duel Decks Anthology

– Clash Pack Promo’s

– Magic Online: Vintage Masters

– Magic Online: Masters Edition 1, 2, 3 & 4

Big things are coming to Cube Tutor on 30.06.2015!

– Ben

Modern Masters 2015 Update

Modern Masters 2015 is now live on Cube Tutor.  Good luck to everyone who is looking to upgrade their cards to some sweet new foil versions!

A bunch of missing promo cards from FNM, Buy A Box, Game Day, Pre Release & Launch Parties were also added.  Please let me know if you find anything else missing.

The Average Cubes have also been updated and we have a new Featured Cube, intriguingly called ‘Darkest Night‘, so go and check that out too.

Happy Cubing!
– Ben