The First Three Days

THANK YOU so much for getting me beyond the level where Cube Tutor’s server costs are covered!! It’s such a great feeling to know that the future of the site is secured, and that this has been achieved by the collective effort of the Cube Tutor community! You guys are amazing!

We’ve had a couple of minor bug fix releases since launch but for the most part the site has held together which is a testament to the hard work of the team involved in the Beta Program. Thanks guys! We will undoubtedly be holding another Beta session some time in the near future so if you’d like to apply for that then just drop me an email.

I’ve been reading through all of your Bug Reports, Castle AI pick decision reports and New Feature requests and will start to tackle some of these in anger from about mid next week once the dust has settled. In the mean time, please keep that feedback coming in so that I can prioritise accordingly.

Everyone who has signed up to the Patreon should now have their account upgraded. Let me know if you’ve somehow slipped through the net!

That’s about it for now… Long Live Cube Tutor.. Thanks to YOU 🙂

– Ben


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