New Release: ‘Top Cards’ page

I was thinking about holding this feature back for a larger release but it has been requested SO MANY times and was also voted for by the Champion community recently ( so I decided it would just be best to release it straight away.

You can now see the ‘Top Cards’ on Cube Tutor here:

Sorting the grid by Cube Count will show you the most popular cards based on how many cubes that they appear in (please ignore ‘Ow’ which only features so frequently because it is often picked up from mis-spellings through the Bulk Uploader). You can also sort the grid by Pick Percentage which gives you the Global Pick Order (i.e. highest picked cards in Draft) that is used by Castle AI bots.

We also have a new Featured Cube – KingNeb’s Altered Art cube which really showcases what you can do with the new ‘Upload Card Scans’ feature of a Cube Tutor Champion account.

If you enjoy using Cube Tutor and would like to get a bit more out of your account, or just want to support the site then please do consider becoming a Champion: I’m tantalizingly close to my Part Time Milestone now!

Happy Cubing!

– Ben


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