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New Release: Land Grant 1.0

Hello again, time for another release! Last time around, for Nut Collector 1.0 I set out a new sizing system for these releases and committed to delivering either Two Medium, One Large or an Update on an Extra Large release. Today I’m delivering One Medium release plus and update on an Extra Large release. I’d really hoped to get all of this out as one large release about a week ago but you have to know when to cut your losses. I’d rather get a smaller update out for you guys and explain where I’m at with the bigger piece of work than leave it another week or two before getting the release out, so here we go.

What is not in Today’s Release

I decided to focus on hitting some of the most requested features on Champion Central ( for this release. The top two (Simulated Drafts and See What Castle AI would pick) are simply not achievable in a month but I felt like I could tackle See Picks after saving deck in the time frame.

I was wrong! The real challenge with this piece of work is the sheer volume of data. Every bot has ~45 picks of 1-15 cards, each containing meta data about why that pick was made, plus a list of cards that were passed, with meta data about why those cards were passed! Finding a way to store and retrieve this data sensibly has been the main obstacle to overcome.

As it stands at the moment this piece of work is about 60% complete but still requires a lot of development and testing time. To get it to this stage I’ve gone far beyond my ‘part time’ commitment, particularly over the last two weeks but I still don’t quite have something to show you guys. I’m hoping to get this complete and releasable within the next two weeks as part of a Land Grant 1.x release, so watch this space.

What is in Today’s Release

It was clear to me about half way through the month that I just wasn’t going to get See Picks after saving deck complete in time, so I switched gears a little to tackle another high priority feature from Champion Central Assign Basic Land Art to each cube.

This piece of work is complete and I present it to you today. It has two strands

  • Anyone can change the basic lands used by their cube to one of seven pre-defined sets of basic lands Zendikar (The Default), Unglued, Unhinged, Beta, 7th, Ravnica or Lorwyn.

  • Champions can upload scans of their own basic lands (one scan for each basic land type).

These basic lands are cube-specific and will show up whenever someone drafts your cube and adds basics to their deck. To manage your basic lands simply visit

In addition I have spent a good chunk of time sorting out a bunch of missing cards. Cube Tutor has an automated process for gathering new card data. All of these cards were missing from our source of card information so it was a case of manually downloading the images and writing database inserts. It was very time consuming but it’s something that the community has been asking me for repeatedly over the last few months. Here’s the complete list of added cards.

  • Clash Pack promos – Dromoka, Honored Hierarch, Siege Rhino etc

  • Deck Builders Toolkit Origins Reprints – Aegis Angel, Nightmare, Serra Angel etc

  • Origins Into Pack – Pia and Kiran Nalaar (I’m aware that there are some others that we are still missing)

  • FNM – Frost Walker, Orator of Ojutai, Path to Exile, Roast, Serum Visions, Ultimate Price

  • Launch Party Cards – Blight Herder, Mizzium Meddler

  • Box Toppers/Media Inserts – Genesis Hydra, Relic Seeker, Ruinous Path

  • Game Day – Languish, Conclave Naturalists, Radiant Flames, Stasis Snare

  • Pre Release Promos – All date stamped cards from Tarkir block & Origins

  • WMCQ – Thalia, Liliana of the Veil

  • SDCC Planeswalkers – The 2015 ones!

Bug Fixes & Other:

  • Fixed an issue with deleting a Primary Cube.

  • The Bulk Uploader no longer produces an error when cards are manually added.

  • Updated Average cubes (as of 28/10/2015)

  • A new Featured Cube – Milo: The Gathering’s Noob Cube! Cube Tutor will be working closely with Milo on a super awesome upcoming project so keep an eye out for that. Remember that if you’d like to be considered for the featured cube, just drop me a Conversation or an Email with a message about your cube and why it is awesome.

I’ll be putting out a poll to the Champion community asking you guys how I should proceed with working on your feature requests in the future so look out for that soon.

In the meantime thanks for your understanding and Happy Cubing!

– Ben.